Reclaiming Normal Childbirth
How and Why...

Incorporating the
23rd Australian Homebirth Conference

Oct 30 & 31st 2004.

Mandurah Gates Resort
Mandurah - Western Australia

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"Celebrate the beauty, wonder and power
of normal birth..."

Presentations will explore various aspects of birth,
such as:
  • Clinical
  • Political
  • Spiritual
  • Women's experiences of birth
  • Hands-on Workshops

And much, much more...

For more details contact:
Mary Murphy -
Phone: (08) 9440 1310


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Australian Homebirth
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US Conference:
Learn How to Make Birth Better
Attend the Midwifery Today conference,
Honoring Our Roots, Preserving Our Future
Eugene, Oregon, U.S.
March 17-23, 2005

Teachers include Ina May Gaskin, Elizabeth Davis, Robbie Davis-Floyd and Anne Frye.
And be sure to attend the three-day mini-conference on traditional midwifery,

Fremantle Community Midwives

Community Midwifery WA

Birthplace Support Group, Inc.

Support Group Inc.

Healing After Caesarean Inc

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